Raw Materials needed to produce Steel

Our Primary focus is providing the steel industry with its requirements from all Raw Materials needed to produce Steel, by doing so we generate more value to steel mills by marketing all wastes and By-Products generated during the process of steel making which puts Signia International on the highest step of the ladder when it comes to Environmental awareness.

1 Industrial Minerals and Ores

a. Iron Ore
b. Manganese Ore
c. Chrome Ore
d. Ilmenite (FeTIO3)
e. Rutile (TIO2)
f. Bauxite
g. Barytes

2 Base Metals & Concentrates

a. Copper Ores
b. Copper Concentrates
c. Lead Ores
d. Lead Concentrates
e. Lead Metals
f. Zinc Ores
g. Zinc Concentrates
h. Zinc Metals

3 Scrap & Metallics

3.1 Ferrous Scrap

  1. Shredded Steel Scrap ISRI 210, 211
  2. Steel Turning ISRI 219
  3. No. 1 Bundles ISRI 208
  4. No. 2 Bundles ISRI 209
  5. HMS 1&2 80:20 ISRI 200-206
  6. Plate & Structural P&S ISRI 232
  7. Bushling Loose& Bundles ISRI 207

4 Steel Industrial Waste

a. Mill Scale
b. BOF Fines
c. DRI Chips& Fines
d. DR Slurry
e. Steel Skull
f. Beach Iron
g. EAF Dust

5 Energy:

Coke Breeze
Metallurgical Coal
Metallurgical Coke

3.2 NON Ferrous Scrap

  1. Tense
  2. Taint Tabor
  3. Wheel
  4. HG Telic
  5. Mixed Telic
  6. Chrome Wheel
  7. Talk –
  8. 5052 sheet punching scrap
  9. Tough Taboo
  10. 6061 Solid
  11. UBC
  12. Pallu
  13. Nickel Al bronze props
  14. 70/30 Lake/Lace
  15. Night
  16. Noble
  17. Tinned Lable


3.3 Metallics

  1. Pig Iron (Baisc, Nodular, Foundry)
  2. HBI