Signia International is an international commodity trading company focused on Metals, Minerals, Ores and Fertilizers.

We at Signia provide the steel industry with its requirements from all Raw Materials needed to produce Steel. We also generate more value to steel mills by marketing all their By-Products generated during the process of steel making which puts us on the highest step of the ladder when it comes to Environmental awareness.

Signia International the right partner in sourcing Metals & Minerals; we market and source Iron Ore, Base Metals & Concentrates, Materials for Steel Mills &Foundries and carbon products for the metallurgical industries.

Signia International is also active in developing Fertilizer business and devoted to helping the fertilizer industry remain a vital solution to matching crop production with current and forecasted demand., Our foremost priority is cultivating relationships with customers and suppliers in the communities where we live and work.  Then we work hard to provide services that are unmatched in the industry to give our partners a distinct edge.